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Reichenberger Road to Arizona Home

 Trialer with the family  Trailer in the Rocks   trailer passing

The Reichenberger family moved to Arizona in the early 1900's.  Ben built one of the first "travel trailers for the road west.  Ruth remembers a stop in New Mexico when a local indian shop keeper was amazed to  see "a house that moves on wheels".  Laura and the young ones slept in the trailer.  Ben and Ray Slept in the car.

The Reichenberger home in Glendale, Arizona
The Reichenberger Family moved in to a home  in what is now the Maryvale neighborhood of Phoenix, Arizona.  There Ben and the family kept dairy cows, and raised vegetables.

Ben's Two-cycle Tractor
Necessity the mother of invention, Ben built his own two-cycle tractor.

 Ben and the boys dehorning 

Ben, Ray and Art took care of the stock.  Buying cattle at the auction.  Dehorning the milk cows.

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