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Quito Panorama

Quito, Ecuador is on the side of a volcano, Pichincha at  9200 feet above sea level. The western end of the Andes Mountains starts with Ecuador.
The  Evangelism Task Force has started a mission project just outside of Quito.  With "Gilgal" House, the evangelism task force will have a base of operations for teams of missionaries to reach out in Ecuador.
U of A Students At Airport
A group of second year medical students for the University of Arizona asked Dr. Mike Hitt to help them with a foreign medical mission.  They put together a group of students interested in medical missions and found a mission group going when they had a break in their studies.  I was asked by Dr.  Hitt if I would like to tag along.
Although my trip started in Phoenix,  we grouped in Miami to take COPA to Panama City then on to Quito.
Mike & Kim in Miami
The group consisted of the four U of A students; Dr. Hitt and his 15 year old son Kim; Marlene a family nurse practitioner and Barbara pediatric nurse practitioner from chicago; Dr. John Powell the ETF director; Pastor Don and his wife Miss Ann from a small church in  Georgia; Chris and  Kim from the Georgia church who will be moving to Quito, Ecuador to establish the House; and myself.
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