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Medical Clinics

The Medical Students wanted an experience in foreign missions.
They spent the year looking into various mission groups.  They
chose the Evangelism Task Force which makes trips to South America.
The base has been in Venezuela, they are now establishing in Ecuador.

Josh and Daniella

Josh had the opportunity to practice medicine as a medical student, Daniella practiced english as a translator.

Dr. John Powell with Eilsa

Dr. John Powell is the medical director of ETF.  He had been in Venezuela before this trip.  He flew to Miami then on to Quito with
the team to meet his wife Elsa.  She often acts as his translator.
Here he examines a patient's abdomen in the clinic fashion when one doesn't have an exam table.

Drive up window
 I got the cubicle with the "drive up window".  The patients were given
tickets to get in order to be seen.  I later found out the window had a
sign over it "tickets".