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Touring the country

After four full days and nearly 850 patients we took time to see a little
of Ecuador.  As a small thankyou to the "kids" of the church we asked
them to come along with us.  We got to practice our Spanish and
they tried out some english on us.
The Gang on the Bus
Ecuador is divided into three continental regions--the Costa, Sierra,
and Oriente. We were in the Seirra , the two major chains of the Andes mountains.  There are intermontane basin or plateau regions between
the two chains. The newer active volcanos are on the northern chain.
Pinchincia is the volcano on which Quito is situated.  When we were there
the rumor was is too was active.
intermontane basin
On our way to Otovalo to shop for the typical woven goods, we stopped at the Equator.  We all had the chance to stand in both hemispheres at once.
The restaurant just out of camera range was called          Latitude 0 0' 0" .
We passed several volcanos on the way. The volcano Imbabura  with the lake San Pablo in front is one of many though out Ecuador. You can see cultivation 1/3 the way up the volcano. The indians have a love/hate relationship with the volcanos giving life, and at times taking it away.

Chris and Kim are moving the Ecuador the beginning of the year.  Newlyweds are looking forward to a "honeymoon" with the mission work they will do around Quito.  Here they are at a lake Cuicocha in the Cotacachi volcano's crater.  The lake is at 3,000 m. The indian guide took us around the center cone to show us Cotacachi is still "active" with bubbles coming from the cone.  The lake may be more than 600' deep. An American free diver died trying to break a record in that lake. Chris and Kim