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"...This is my first experience with a rubber boat and I discover at once that a single canoe-type paddle is not appropriate. The shallow-drafted almost weightless boat tends to turn in circles, pivoting beneath my seat; in order to make any headway I have to shift the paddle quickly from side to side, an awkward and tiring procedure. staying clear of the main current, drifting slowly past the shore, I paddle in circles and wait for Ralph to catch up...." 

Tom KnappNicole and Ben in DuckyDucky and Boat

Red Wall CavernNicloe and Kathy at Red Wall

Vasey's ParadiseSpring water at Vasey'sVasey's

camp at mi 31

Thrift train at Little ColoradoThrifts at Little ColoradoThe Big Train at the Little Colorado

Anasazi ruins mi 31.5
The BoatmenKen Goerge Tom

The Gang
 Junior Hot Cell
 Next to Lava
 Next to Cox Clan
More when I get them scanned in. If you have some pictures e-mail them and I'll post them or

send them and I'll scan them.
Bill Thrift