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"...'White water ahead,' says Ralph quietly,with a sort of complacent satisfaction, as if he had invented the phenomenon all by himself. And instead of doing anything about it he reloads his cheap pipe.
   We're rounding the first major bend in the canyon. From ahead comes the sound of the rapids- toneless vibrations growing stronger, what acoustical specialists call 'white noise.' Like the sound of a waterfall. Supposedly a blissfull and sleep-inducing impression on edgey nerves.
   'I didn't know we'd hit rapids so soon,'... 
   ...there's no turning back now. After the entrance, the river rushes at increasing speed. Our little boats bounce over choppy waves toward the whitecaps that now are visible, churning to foam around glistening wet boulders...
   ...The spray hits our faces and closes vision, the waves come aboard, in a moment we are soaking wet and spinnig through the heart of the turmoil, bouncing off one rock into the next." ( Desert Solitaire)
Scouting Lava Falls
 Putting the pots back
After Lava all were celebrated
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