Prescott Soaring

One of our members, A.C. Goodwin is a CFI and gives instruction to the student members.  Nicole 17 has been a member for 2 years and is ready to solo.  A.C. is a great instructor. I've personally tried to kill us both on several occasions, but fortunately he's been able to  save our lives. He has more time in the back seat of the schweitzer than anyone I know! AC  and Nix

AC's Final advice AC said he was almost as nervous as I (dad) was when it was time for Nicole to solo. 
He did the final hook-up himself.  Nicole was ready for her solo launch.  AC hooks Nix up
Nix  alone in the cockpit Nicole went through the checklist and was ready for her tow at "55", the best air speed for the 2-33 to launch.
Her launch was nice and smooth. She sounded quite confident as she called out her airspeeds.  'Till she reached release height and was told to "level off" at about 1,800 feet AGL. nix takes off
On Final Stop roll out
Nix gets out
Nicole had a great first flight! She did a fine approach with a smooth landng right on the touch down point.  AC congratulates her on her first solo, then we cut off her shirt-tail.
Nix and AC shake
Ben  checklist Of Coarse not to be outdone, Ben got to Solo too!
Although he has a lot of "stick-time" with Quake in front of the computer, he still goes through the pre-flight checklist.
Then "wings are level and sky is clear" and he gets his first solo tow.
Ben's Solo tow

Ben on final Ben had a great first flight, maybe even a little lift.  His final was right in line.

He and AC discuss the flight and many more,  after loosing his shirttail.

Ben and AC