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Coral The Prescott Soaring Society is a non-profit club for instruction and fun of soaring.  The members fly club ships or their own private ships. With a special use permit from the BLM, we fly and maintain our "fleet".
This is one of the few winch launched operations in Arizona. The winch is the cheapest way (short of  pushing the sailplane off a cliff) to get in the air.  Truly soar on a shoe string! We use a 6,000 foot piano wire to get nearly 2,000 foot launches. The only disadvantage is you are off tow at the same location, whether there's lift there or not.
The advantage is a fun catapult ride, that doesn't cost a lot.
it's alive!
Blanik on the flight line The Blanik is our fully acrobatic ship. This two-place sailplane
is capable of inverted flight  with over 2 negative G's.
It is rated at 27:1 glide ratio.
A view of the take-off point from 2000' AGL.  At the bottom is the compound for the ships. We have to keep the barb-wire fence up when not at the field. We keep the cattle we share the strip with from scratching an itch on the ships.

The Blanik and 2-33 are in-line on "21" for a winch tow.

We can land on any of 6 directions, depending on the wind.

We do share our field with more than cows. There is a herd of 50 or so Antelope.  We are careful to have them all clear before a launch.
The runway is 6,000 feet long for our 2,000 foot tow. runway tow

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